Denver Broncos: Why John Fox Needs to Find out If Tim Tebow Is the Team’s Future

There’s a thin line between being stubborn and being dumb, and Denver Broncos head coach, John Fox is about to cross that line. This Sunday, the San Diego Chargers visit Sports Authority Field at Mile High to try to get another victory over the Denver Broncos. Chances are that the crowd will only get to watch Tim Tebow sit on the bench.

Although the Chargers are 3-1, the team hasn’t looked too impressive so far, but then again, the same can be said about the Broncos. It is unarguable that the Broncos have a lot of issues, and one of those issues is the ongoing quarterback controversy.

John Fox has stated numerous times that Kyle Orton is the starting quarterback in Denver, and that he gives the team the best chance to win.

Who knows what John Fox is thinking, but the Broncos are definitely not winning, and it doesn’t take a gambler to predict that the team will be 1-4 after Sunday’s rivalry game against the Chargers.

The Carolina Panthers’ rookie head coach, Ron Rivera dared to do what few head coaches in the NFL seem willing to do. He adapted his offensive system to his quarterback, instead of forcing his quarterback into something he is not.

What is it resulting into? It will be a shocker if Cam Newton doesn’t win the Rookie of the Year Award, and Ron Rivera is still in the hunt for Coach of the Year.

The good thing about Kyle Orton is that you know what you’re getting. Now, that hasn’t resulted in a lot of wins for the Broncos, but that doesn’t seem to matter to John Fox, who seems to want to run the show just like he did 10 years ago.

Change was needed in Denver after the Josh McDaniels fiasco, but this was not the kind of change the team needed. Denver’s front office hired a guy whose conservative coaching style is not allowing him to get accepted in the state of Colorado.

How is a player like Kyle Orton ever going to be enough to satisfy a crowd that has been fortunate enough to witness the great John Elway?

It doesn’t help the coach’s case that he seems as far from synchronized with the fan base as you possibly can get. The crowd’s message is clear: they want Tebow. The sad thing is that Fox appears to be a one-trick pony, which follows the RRPP-recipe (Run, Run, Pass, Punt).

The fact of the matter is that when you’re struggling as a team, it becomes evident that there’s change needed. Considering the state of the franchise, there is not an argument I can come up with that supports why the Broncos shouldn’t figure out what Tim Tebow has to offer.

The Broncos will not win now, but it’s always nice to know if you can win in the future, or if you’ll have to completely start from scratch.

It looks like the 2011 season will be another miserable year for the Denver Broncos, and why the team is not looking into the future, I have no idea.

Is the team sucking for Luck? If not—if the team’s going to lose anyhow—what’s the point in not finding out if Tim Tebow is the team’s future? Kyle Orton clearly isn’t.

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