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Dennis Rodman: Hall of Fame Gets It Right by Inducting Rodman

Dennis Rodman goes into the hall as the games greatest rebounder

Even Dennis Rodman himself was surprised by his Hall of Fame acceptance. This isn’t the sort of thing that Rodman imagined after retirement.

After all, when you are known for things other than scoring points, the Hall of Fame picture tends to get darker.

Still, Steve Ginsberg of found that Rodman was more than surprised by the honor.

Rodman says:

"I thought it was a joke," the five-times NBA champion and defensive wizard told a news conference on Monday when asked about his initial reaction to learning of his selection.

"I never even dreamed of this. I never even thought of being in the Hall of Fame ... When I played, I did my job, had fun, and entertained the crowd. This right here, I'm trying to soak it all in."

It’s true that Rodman was known more for his antics on the court then for his level of play, but when you washed away the hair dye, the piercings and the tattoos, you were left with the shell of one of the games’ best fundamental players.

More so than Rodman’s ability to entertain, was his ability to defend and rebound, two things that get lost in the shuffle in today’s SportsCenter driven world.

Whether it was defending a center in the low post, or boxing out forwards with a bigger frame, Rodman’s ability to achieve great positioning and his tenacity to attack the rebound are skills that can only be partially explained.

Sometimes you get it or you don’t.

Rodman got it.

With five NBA rings with the Bulls and Pistons, Rodman was as paramount to those teams success as Michael Jordan or Isaiah Thomas was.

While there was little offensive flash to his game his impact on the court shined and those who played with him and against him could see it.

The Hall of Fame is an honored reserved for the best and brightest and those who doubt Rodman’s credentials never could see past the hair color.

Too bad for them, because they missed a hell of a show.

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