Dancing with the Stars: Why Ron Artest Will Make for Better TV Than Dwyane Wade

Dancing with the Stars is set to sashay with some serious news regarding two lovable NBA stars. Rumors are ripe that Dwyane Wade and Ron Artest will feature in season 13. Believe me when I say that Artest will far exceed Wade in this realm. 

The Miami Herald reports the list of stars filling the next season of DWTS could include not one, but two NBA stars. 

The 13th season is set to go off on September 19th. The official list of participants will not be released until 8pm ET during a two-hour episode of Bachelor Pad

If true, this would mark a historic season in terms of athletes flooding the stage. You also have to take into account that World Cup keeper Hope Solo, and Jay Cutler ex, Kristin Cavallari, are rumored. 

Dwyane Wade would no doubt be an enormous treat to watch. He has the swagger to command the judge's attention. One of the best guards in the league would no doubt have the footwork to master most dances. 

However, my mind is made up on who the star of the show would be. I am referring to the NBA player gone stand-up comedian, Ron Artest. 

I have enjoyed a great many of Ron-Ron's post-game interviews. Believe me when I tell you they are magical. There is only one way to watch an interview with the man who would be Metta World Peace, on the edge of your seat. 

You never know what is going to come out of his mouth. His words are often blunt, honest and hilarious. The self-professed coo coo bird would be a delight. 

Then comes the dancing. I have seen Artest nab a miraculous steal, only to forget how to dribble half way down the court, having the ball knock off his foot, or some other appendage. 

He has been blocked by rims, and shot a myriad of air balls. All of which has me confident his dancing would be awkward, laughable and entertaining. 

Artest is a must watch personality, making him a sure-fire hit on the show. I hope the rumors are true. I will be saying some silent prayers from now until the official release.