Cyrus Kouandjio: National Sigining Day Process Took Its Toll On Young Athlete

Cyrus Kouandjio Develops Tick From Stress Of Upcoming Decision

I may be in the minority here. In fact I know I am. But the amount of media that follows the National Signing Day event is too extreme.

If you flipped on a sports news channel or logged onto any sports site yesterday, you were bombarded with the decisions of hundreds of high school athletes.

The connotation between the lines is that these kids were the futures and fortunes of the programs they decided to attend. Then you have the fates of those kids not sure of their decision to discuss.

Cyrus Kouandjio was one of these kids. He was lambasted by some for backtracking on a firm verbal commitment he gave to Auburn. The resulting fallout has resulted in stress for the young football star. I remember when I was 18. I could not decide if I really liked Full House or enjoyed it for its 'being so bad it was good' qualities.

Here is Cyrus deciding the fate of an entire rivalry, or so many sports pundits and fans let on. Is the NFL Draft not enough for your crazed insatiable appetites?

Does the overlapping seasons of the bevy of professional sports we have in this country too limited for your hunger?

The coverage has to stop at some point. Soon we will be monitoring the movements of eight grade quarterback standouts. If you scoff at that, try this on for size.

That there would be a thread expounding on the merits of 14-year old athletes as future football stars. You can see the comments listed as if they were relating a fantasy league player somewhere off in the Internet ether.

At some point too much is too much.

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