Copa America 2011 Schedule, Venezuela vs Paraguay: What to Expect in Semifinals

Venezuela vs. Paraguay Wednesday, July 20th, 8:45 PM in the Semifinal Schedule of the 2011 Copa America Tournament

Can't wait for Venezuela to actually play Paraguay to find out what is going to happen? No problem. I know exactly what is going to happen. So, unless you want to be surprised by the action as it unfold, read on.

Part One

Venezuela is riding high right now. They are rolling and scoring goals at a breakneck pace. They are going to come out aggressive and ready to rock.

They will score one goal early and follow that with a second for a quick 2-0 lead. 

They will then turn on their defense to hold the lead, and the defense will be up to the task.

Venezuela will roll into halftime flying high as they take a 2-0 lead into the locker room.

Part 2

Rogue Santa Cruz was forced to sit out Paraguay's quarterfinals match against Brazil with an injury. It is still a questionable if he will be able to play in Wednesday night's semifinal.

And even though they won, this was a big loss for Paraguay. Santa Cruz had been playing as well as ever in this Copa America run.

He was won Man of the Match honors in Paraguay's draw with Brazil in group play.

Santa Cruz will not be able to start this match. However, after his squad enters halftime down 2-0, Santa Cruz will take to the pitch in the second half. And he will net the game tying 2-2 goal in the later stages of the match.

Part 3

Paraguay is in the semifinals even though they haven't won a single 2011 Copa America game. Each game was a draw, and they advanced past Brazil in the quarterfinals in a shootout.

That shootout experience will serve them well in the semifinals as they net four out of five shots.

This shootout will be as close as the game though. The match will come down to the very last shot of penalties. And won't be until Venezuela's last playerr sails the shot over the crossbar that the second finalist is determined.

And Paraguay will roll into the finals with all draws.

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