Copa America 2011 Schedule: Brazil Fighting for Pivotal Point Against Ecuador

Brazil are facing a problem that rarely hits their team, they are near elimination in Copa America play. All they need is one point to advance, and it is proving to be a difficult point to attain. 

Coming into the Copa America, Brazil was the favorite. It was safe to say that the entire club felt entitled to their place in the South American tournament. 

They have played with over confidence, some of which has allowed them to look flat at times. Despite some goading by defender Lucio, Brazil has failed to look like the pristine side we all expect them to. 

After a couple of games that were played with far more flat play than flair, Brazil found themselves face to face with Ecuador on Wednesday night.

After Paraguay and Venezuela tied earlier in the night, Brazil needs to take away just one point away from their final match in group play.

Ecuador, for their part, could find themselves in the knockout stages with a win. Brazil then finds themselves playing a spirited squad with nothing to lose.

It may have taken them a couple of games to find their form, but Brazil is finally feeling the winning spirit at the right time.

In the 71st minutes, they lead Ecuador 4-2. It seems that being taken to the brink has finally lit a fire underneath what is supposed to be one of the best teams in world football. 

It has not come easy. The two teams were tied for most of the game. Ecuador was threatening to take a team in the dumps to the very precipice of desperation. 

Falling from the group stage of the Copa America would have been disastrous to their team's morale. It seems that for now, they have averted just that. What form this team has going into the knockout stage remains to be seen.

—Gabe Zaldivar