Copa America 2011: Does Paraguay Deserve to Win Copa America Final?

Copa America 2011 Final Features Paraguay and Uruguay

Paraguay has shocked nearly everybody to make it to the Copa America Final. They did not win a single match in the group stages of the tournament and defeated Brazil and Venezuela in penalty kicks in the knockout stages of the tournament.

If Paraguay and Uruguay were to advance to penalty kicks, and Paraguay comes away with the win, it would be the first time in Copa America history that the winner did not win a single game outright.

With that in mind, does Paraguay deserve to win the Copa America Final?

The case for Paraguay deserving the trophy:

It is extremely difficult for a team to win consecutive shootouts and Paraguay did just that when they knocked off Brazil and Venezuela.

It is also difficult to advance without the presence of your all-time leader in goals, Roque Santa Cruz. Paraguay is certainly lacking his skills in the attacking third, but they have somehow found a way to come away with victories.

Defense wins championships. The old saying of defense wins championships holds true in every sport, especially soccer. If you don't concede a goal, you can't lose and that is exactly what Paraguay has done the past two matches.

The case against Paraguay deserving the trophy:

Paraguay has been outplayed by Venezuela and Brazil in their past two matches but have found a way to advance. Brazil outplayed and outpaced them for nearly the entire match but couldn't find a way to put the ball in the net. That continued in the shootout when they missed multiple shots on their own.

Venezuela had plenty of scoring chances on Paraguay but hit the most multiple times in extra time. Paraguay's attack sputtered nearly every time they gained possession and they were outplayed by Venezuela, a team that was not considered a threat to win the tournament.

In the group stages, Paraguay blew a 1-0 lead to Brazil in the last ten minutes and blew a 3-1 lead against Venezuela in the last five minutes.

Ask yourself, is that the heart of a champion?

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