Confused by the IWC: TNA Using Ex-WWE Talent

I’m writing this article because it’s a topic that has confused me for quite some time and I wanted to get some other opinions on it.

Should TNA use former WWE talent and if so, how?

his is one issue where I’ve noticed, that no matter what TNA does, they get bashed. I constantly hear people bash TNA for hiring former WWE talent, yet whenever someone gets released from WWE I hear people saying that TNA should hire them.

I’ve seen online petitions for TNA to hire MVP, Taryn Terrel (AKA Tiffany) Haas and Benjamin, even Snitsky.

How many of you are wondering why TNA hasn’t hired some of these guys and how many of you can name someone who has been released from WWE that you want TNA to hire.

With it being post-WrestleMania season and with the draft coming this week, many people are expecting WWE to cut some talents.

I guarantee that the day the pink slips are handed out, there will be you tube videos, twitter petitions and articles on this very site talking about how TNA would benefit from hiring some of the released talents.

The problem is that once TNA does hire the talent, everyone complains about them hiring more “WWE Rejects."

By the way, will Consequences Creed be called a TNA reject when he comes to the main roster? 

Then once the guy is there, people complain about the push. If he gets pushed I hear complaints of, "Why doesn’t TNA push their home grown talents instead of jobbing them all to Ex-WWE guys”?

If they don’t push the guy, people complain that TNA is wasting the guys talent. It’s like TNA is in a no-win situation.

What do you think?

In the comment section let me know your opinion of TNA using Former WWE talents. 

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