Comedy in Wrestling: How and When It Can Work

After my last article on dumb and humorously sad moments in wrestling history (the link for said article you'll find on the last slide), I felt it was appropriate to talk about humour in wrestling.

However, instead of saying that humour has no place in the squared circle, I want to use several examples which show comedy can add something to a wrestling show. 

The following slides contain several wrestling related videos which while intended to be humorous, have never hurt the credibility of the promotions, wrestlers and storylines they show.

Instead, they show moments where comedy in wrestling has helped push and get over the wrestlers involved and added something different to the wrestling show.

After all, comedy wrestling and wrestlers do exist all over the world: whether it be promotions like Chikara or comedy wrestlers like Colt Cabana or Santino Marella.

The problem is though how successfully can comedy fit into a modern wrestling promotion? Chikara is a minor promotion which is not for everyone, and wrestlers like Cabana and Marella can be polarizing figures.

Undoubtedly, the image of the world's leading wrestling company, WWE determines how some of the media and non-wrestling fans view wrestling in relation to comedy.

WWE advertises itself as a PG product offering family entertainment with a mix of genres and something for everyone, but with its excessive amounts of talk and comedy skits, is that too much for hardcore wrestling fans, let alone their kid-based audience? 

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