Colts vs. Rams Preseason: Wrapping It Up, Rams Defeat Colts 33-10 in Opener

Yes, there was no Dwight Freeney or Peyton Manning for the Indianapolis Colts. Obviously it's not as meaningful as an actual regular season game, but this game wasn't meaningless either.

Teams that win consistently have quality depth, and is there a better way to determine the value of a team's depth than by actually watching them play in the preseason?

Now, this doesn't mean the Rams are a better team than the Colts, but it does mean that their second-tier players have improved over last year, which means the Rams have improved overall.

The defense was fierce, whether it was the starters or third-string players, they stopped the run and forced the Colts quarterbacks to be inconsistent (combined 10-for-23).

Also, they created three turnovers, all interceptions, which is a very important factor when it comes to winning games in the NFL.

The offense was able to move the ball on the ground, particularly through Cadillac Williams (40 yards) and Kieth Toston (64 yards), and they were able to maintain a tough pace through the air.

Sam Bradford clearly has a new weapon in tight end Lance Kendricks, who led the team in receptions (five) and receiving yards (47). 

The Rams should improve as the preseason progresses and the team gets more acquainted with the new offense, but most importantly they were able to avoid any major injuries to key players.    

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