Colts vs. Rams Preseason: Backup QB AJ Feeley Looking Solid, Kieth Toston Shines

It's most likely the result of an eight year veteran gunning against second and third string defenders, but the St. Louis Rams second-string quarterback A.J. Feeley has been very efficient in the preseason opener. 

He was pulled near the end of the third-quarter, but not before completing 10 of 14 passes for 100 yards. 

Feeley was able to utilize wide receiver Danario Alexander, who had three catches for 43 yards, but Alexander also had two drops, including a potential touchdown pass from Feeley in the end-zone. 

On side note, fourth-string running back Kieth Toston was very effective in the third-quarter against the Colts backup defense. By the end of the third-quarter he carried the ball 11 times for 64 yards and a touchdown. 

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