College Football Rankings 2011: Winners and Losers of the Week 6 Polls

Winners – Georgia Tech, Michigan, Texas and West Virginia

The Yellow Jackets moved up an incredible eight spots after only beating N.C. State by ten points last weekend. Michigan moved up seven spots for blowing out Minnesota and Texas moved up six because they beat down on Iowa State.

The Mountaineers smacked around Bowling green and moved up six and four in the AP and Coaches' Poll, respectively.

If that is not winning in the polls, I don’t know what is.

Loser – Boise State

There really are not many losers in this week’s polls simply because the teams that lost rightly moved down and everyone else received their benefit.

Boise has to be considered one of the losers then because as other teams begin to play really tough competition, the Broncos continue to play really weak opponents and it allows other teams like Stanford and Wisconsin to jump them. They were one of the only teams to move back for winning this week.

Winner – Auburn

The Tigers beat South Carolina on the road and go from unranked to 15th in the country.

Wow. Double Wow. That is really all there is to say about that.

Loser – Arizona State

The Sun Devils came out really slow against winless Oregon State but dominated from the second half onward. Somehow the voters seemed to forget about them, moving them up three to 22 in the AP and from unranked to 24th in the USA Today.

Considering all of the chaos that happened in the Top 25, you would think Arizona State would get a little more credit considering a team like Texas is 11th and tenth, respectively, and hasn’t played a ranked opponent.