College Football Rankings 2011: Michigan Should Be Ranked Ahead of Ohio State

Michigan is a better team this season than Ohio State, and for once, Michigan’s stability at coach is more secure than Oho State’s.

After one of the most tumultuous offseasons in Ohio State’s history, they are left without an experience coach and quarterback, and they are not nearly as good as made out to be.

Flying under the radar will be the Michigan Wolverines, and it may be the Wolverines in the top 25 by the end of the season instead of the Buckeyes.

Michigan has one of the best quarterback prospects in the country with Denard Robinson, and another year of development will have his passing game almost as good as his ability to run the ball.

With the same system and a year of unity instead of a year in turmoil, the Wolverines should be ranked higher than Ohio State in every poll.

This is a travesty, but instead of getting worked up, I will let the schedule and lack of talent doom the Buckeyes from jump street. If Michigan can capitalize on a wide-open Big 10 Conference, they can knock off fierce rival Ohio State while winning the Big 10 Championship.

There is more talent on the defensive side of the ball for Ohio State, but the difference isn’t big enough to make up for the gap from the porous Ohio State to stellar Michigan on offense.

Michigan is far better than Ohio State this year.

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