Chris Johnson: Will Tennessee Titans Star RB Play Week 1?

Tennesse Titans fans (and fantasy football players everywhere) have been wondering what the fate of running back Chris Johnson’s contract negotiations would be and how they will affect his status for the regular season.

After nearly two months of having no contact with each other, the Titans and Johnson are reportedly working to get a new deal done before the regular season begins.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweeted early Wednesday that the two sides have been in contact with each other with hopes of getting a deal done before the season starts.

“Knowing both sides are on the clock, Chris Johnson and Titans have been talking and will continue talking to try to get a deal in next week.”

Johnson needs to get back to the team because if he doesn’t they can fine him up to $30,000 per day that he has missed. That is a lot of money considering he is only scheduled to make just over $1 million this season.

The team needs Johnson back because he is, by far, the best playmaker on the team. With Matt Hasselbeck and Jake Locker fighting over the reins at quarterback, Johnson will be an even more critical part of this offense to ease the burden on their shoulders.

Johnson wants to be one of the highest paid playmakers in football, not just running backs, and that is what is causing the delay in a new contract.

Since he has very little leverage in this situation, since he can’t afford to miss an entire game check in addition to the fine the team puts on him I believe that the two sides will strike a deal early next week.

Both sides know the benefit of getting a long-term deal done and they will work out their issues over the next few days. I doubt it will be the exact deal that Johnson is looking for, but he will still come out of it as the highest paid running back in the NFL and a very rich man nonetheless.

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