Chris Bosh Crying Video: Big Baby Bosh Cries Us a River, Again

Crygate Part Deux, anybody?

As if you didn’t already expect this when you saw the final score, Chris Bosh, one-third of the Miami Heat "Big Three" wept his way to the locker room. He tried to cover his face—but the glaring lights of the camera are magnets for tears.

Sorry Glen Davis, but we need to give your "Big Baby" nickname to Bosh. Once again we’re seeing how emotional Bosh is. Once again in this series we saw how small Bosh truly plays.

Notice how we didn’t see him at the post game press conference with his buddies LeBron James and Dwyane Wade?

That was for two reasons:

1. He was still crying in the locker room. He needed Erik Spoelstra to say behind and console him.

2. More importantly, as I said yesterday, this is really a "big two and Bosh on the side." LeBron and Dwyane are true friends and Chris is the outcast.

Bosh wears his heart on his sleeve and is unfit for this team. They already have somebody who lashes out in LeBron, but at least he does so as a man. Bosh continues to prove how weak he is on and off the court. He is not mentally tough enough to help this team. He is not a leader, as some suggested last offseason, but instead a follower. He has zero leadership qualities in him and is clearly somebody his teammates cannot rely on.

At this point, as I said last night, Pat Riley needs to trade him to acquire a center, point guard or at least a tougher-nosed power forward. Chris Paul? Dwight Howard? Deron Williams? Luis Scola even?

He played smaller in Miami than he did in Toronto since he can lean on LeBron and Wade. Unfortunately for Miami, he looks more like the fourth best player on the team than the third.

Until they trade him, Wade and James will continue to ride his wave of tears to more playoff series losses.

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