Champions League Draw 2011: Is a Real Madrid vs Barcelona Rematch Imminent?

After a "friendly" between Real Madrid and Barcelona put their hatred towards one another on full display, everyone has been itching to see them square off again. The world could very well get that opportunity in the Champions League, where both are No. 1 seeds and are on a collision course.

It's no secret that these two teams hate each other. The eye-gouging, bench-clearing scuffle that took place at the end of their last match highlighted just how badly they despise each other.

It's a battle for supremacy in Spain. The debate between who has the country's best team, who has the world's best player and who rules La Liga is all determined by this matchup.

This is the best rivalry in all of sports and regardless of how the draw shakes out today, it's inevitable that these two teams are going to do battle.

A semifinal matchup would be great to see because it would allow one team to bar the other from taking part in the final; however, this is the final that everyone is hoping for.

Two elite teams that absolutely can't stand each other. Real Madrid vs. Barcelona. Lionel Messi vs. Cristiano Ronaldo.

Both teams are too dangerous offensively to be taken down by anyone but each other. With world-class running rampant around the pitch, there is no telling which side will emerge victorious upon these powerhouses colliding.

Barcelona won the last battle, with Messi outdoing Ronaldo (who was also overly impressive). It's Ronaldo's turn to work his magic and prove that he deserves recognition as the best player in the world.

Both sides are hoping to see the other in the fiercest and most bitter rivalry in the world, and so are we. No matter what the draw looks like, they are destined to duke it out in the Champions League.

--Kyle Vassalo