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HTC Evo 4G: On Sprint!!!! America’s First 4G Phone

Posted: 24th March 2010 by Jay in News, Technology
Tags: America's First 4G Phone, HTC Evo 4G, Sprint

Fast company just released new pics and a read about this baby and its never been a better time to be on sprint.
To start with, the Evo 4G is the country’s first WiMax/4G phone, which is reason enough to be excited. 4G can achieve speeds nearing that of a landline broadband connection–3G seems downright antiquated [...]

The Truth About Trading In Games At Gamestop

Posted: 22nd March 2010 by Jay in News, Technology
Tags: gamestop, Truth About Trading In Games

As an avid gamer i will sometimes beat a game and want to trade it in, maybe for a new game or even for cash back. People who use Gamestop for trade ins and buying used goods are point blank getting robbed retail style. For instance msrp of a new Ps3 game is $59.99 plus [...]

Apples Pre orders Not As High As Expected

Posted: 15th March 2010 by Jay in News, Technology
Tags: , apple insider, apple ipad, apples, estimates, , pre sales

So during my weekly tech studies i found as reported by apple insider that pre sales have slowed for the apple ipad. After 24 hours of the ipad going live for pre orders, apple received just over 120,000 orders but to apples dismay the number has fallen. Personally i cant see spending another $400 to [...]

So Called “Console Killer” Is Set To Launch In June

Posted: 15th March 2010 by Jay in News, Technology
Tags: bbc, chief operating officer, company founder, consoles, console_killer, existence, fanfare, games on demand, games over the internet, gaming service, hardware devices, heavy rain, infrastructure, new hardware, next five years, onlive, popular games, ps3 shortage, sentiment, steve perlman, traditional gaming

bbc is currently reporting that “onlive” who has created the “console killer” will unmask the entertainment centers muderer in june. Most people who currently own consoles have no idea of its  existence so they wont be affected by it. Honestly i dont see “real gamers” dropping their controllers to play and stream games on a [...]