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Category: "Gaming"

E3: Sony Announcing New HD PS2 Collection?

According to UK magazine PSM3, we might see a new major PS2 HD collection announced at E3 for PS3.

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Sony’s E3 2011 Press Conference Details Made Official

“As a member of the Press, Nick will be lucky enough to attend E3 2011 in June to see and experience what’s coming for us gamers.”

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LA Noire PS3 Exclusive Content Revealed

Amazon, Gamestop & Walmart recently updated the box art for the PS3 version with the Exclusive Content/ Only on PS3 logo.

Looks like an exclusive case called Consul’s Car Traffic for PS3.

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Infamous 2 Pokes Fun At The Xbox 360

Geek Revolt writes “Infamous 2 is one of the PS3s most anticipated games this year; while Sony doesnt own Sucker Punch they stay loyal. In fact, theyre so loyal they slipped a joke about the Xbox 360 into Infamous 2. In a new gameplay video (around the…

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Destructoid Review: SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs

SOCOM: Confrontation caused quite a stir due to its mixed reviews. Many praised the potential it had, but lamented its notorious network problems and glitches. Now that series creator Zipper Interactive is back in the driving seat, SOCOM has a chance a…

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Uncharted 3: Eddy Raja returns in new renders

SystemLink: “It’s been a busy few days for Uncharted 3; new info spilled onto the internet on Friday, and yesterday we revealed a brand new piece of concept art. Now, however, we think we’ve got the best news: Eddy Raja seems set to return in Uncharted…

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Unlock 12 Minute Battlefield Trailer

In what’s fast becoming the marketing technique du jour, Battlefield 3 fans can unlock a 12 minute gameplay trailer simply by ‘liking’ the game on Facebook.

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This Is What Xbox Live System Update Testers Are Getting In The Mail

Kotaku: Hopes of trading in the copy of Halo: Reach Xbox 360 system update testers are getting for participating flew out the window this morning, as these lovely warning covered Reach discs began arriving on testers’ doorsteps.

Several testers have s…

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Carmack: PS3 has more raw performance than Xbox 360

id Software co-founder and chief software architect John Carmack has said that the PS3 has more raw performance than the Xbox 360, but it does come at a cost: it’s harder to develop for.

“Now the PS3 in particular, and this has been passed over many t…

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Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios: A Taste of Whats to Come

PS Blog:

Im excited to announce that this week youll be seeing new information popping up on the PlayStation.Blog and through the gaming media offering sneak peeks at some of our biggest titles launching in 2011.

As a preview to our biggest industry …

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