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Category: "Gaming"

Best Videos Of Porn Stars Playing Video Games All-Time

Contained below is the 13 of the best videos which show some of the hottest porn stars are playing video games in various capacities. Check them out to see which one that you like the most.

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Wii 2 is ‘Project Café’, says report – tech specs, controller details claimed

CVG – As if you haven’t had enough today, the latest Wii 2 rumour report has emerged – and it’s a big one, claiming tech specs and controller details for the not-so-secret-anymore Nintendo console.

French site 01net, which previously released the NGP …

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PS3 Sales Reach 50 Million Units Worldwide

SCE today announced that the cumulative sales of the PS3 reached a milestone of 50 million units*1*1 worldwide, as of March 29, 2011. SCE also announced that PlayStation Move sales surpassed 8 million units worldwide as of April 3, demonstrating contin…

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L.A Noire Leaked Nudity Case Gameplay Footage

Check out a leaked gameaplay footage of L.A Noire from a press preview. Warning the footage contain few seconds of nudity scene.

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Mortal Kombat and Portal 2 Toys-R-Us asks Do you wanna save $15 or $50?

Getting either Portal 2 OR Mortal Kombat with a $15 Gift Card is great. Getting Portal 2 AND Mortal Kombat AND a $50 Gift Card is better! With both of these titles slated to drop April 19, TRU wants your money and is practically giving you a free game …

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GeoHot Asks You to Help Fight Sony

After detailing some interesting contents of his battle with Sony in the court, infamous PlayStation 3 and iPhone hacker George Hotz has asked people to if they want the legality of jailbreaking their PS3 resolved file a declaratory judgment against …

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Are we paying too much for videogames?

As reports come in that the average price of videogames rose last year, Den of Geek wonders, are we being asked to pay too much?

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High NGP Pricing Hinted at By Jack Tretton?

“During a recent conversation with Sony Computer Entertainment America’s President and CEO, Jack Tretton, Jack stated the following: “I don’t think price makes or kills a platform”. While Nick may be able to agree with this quote to some extent, Nick h…

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Portal 2: Pretty Much Every PS3 Question Answered (and that Cake thing, too)

US PlayStation Blog – Sid Shuman // Senior Social Media Specialist writes:

“Valve Software has repeatedly described Portal 2 for the PS3 as being the best console version of the game. And for good reason, given that youll get a free PC or Mac versio…

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Gran Turismo 5 vs Dirt 3: HD Screenshot Comparison

“Take a look at this comparison as we pit Dirt 3 and Gran Turismo 5 under gravel and snow tracks. Also pay close attention to the lighting and shadow effects.

***Please note these are gameplay images.”

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