Carmelo Anthony Trade: Why the Knicks Were the Best Place for Carmelo

Yes, the fans are going to feel betrayed, and they should.

Yes, this adds to the disturbing trend of, “Hey, I don’t like my team, let me be a jerk about it and leave,” which is bad for the league.

But, really, there was no other choice.

Denver was in no way giving Carmelo what he needed to win.

Yes, they reached the Western Finals two years ago, but look at San Antonio, Los Angeles, the OTHER Los Angeles, they all are either winning or have the potential to win, and Denver seems to have hit a plateau.

New Jersey could have been the worst choice possible, and if he had agreed to a contract extension, he would be throwing his prime away.

The only things that the Nets have going for them is the bad-ass Russian owner and Jay-Z; otherwise, it’s a basketball death sentence. Denver has more potential than this team.

New York, while it’s depleted its roster with this trade, still has Amare Stoudemire, an MVP candidate, and one of the most marketable franchises in sports.

Already potential playoff contenders, the Knicks now have an enormous chance to clinch a third seed in a highly competitive East.

And I mean, c’mon, cut these guys a break, their biggest highlight of the past few years was Nate Robinson winning the dunk contest. They’ve had to go through Isaiah Thomas, Stephon Marbury, the hope of getting LeBron, the hope of getting Chris Paul, the hope of getting, well everyone. It should be great to see the revival of one of the sports most popular teams.

As a Magic fan, I hate this trade. I mean we were struggling already, God knows we don’t need this to happen. But as a smart basketball fan, what was Melo supposed to do?

Loyalty only can take you so far. Sometimes, you need to think of yourself, and your empty, ring-less fingers.

Dwight Howard, just please don’t read this.


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