Candice Crawford: Pageant Winner Turned Reporter Finally Lands Her Man in Romo

Candice Crawford Goes From Pageantry to Dream Wedding

I am no Cowboys fan. So, I can hardly all this a fairy tale life for the blushing new bride of Tony Romo, but it has hardly been a horrible journey to matrimony.

Crawford was a hopeful beauty pageant contestant. As a Miss Texas Teen she could only reach runner-up ends. After moving competing in Miss Missouri, she went on to represent the state in the Miss USA contest.

After that, shew went onto some success as a reporter with a regional news outlet, KDAF Dallas. She would later meet a playboy of sorts in Tony Romo.

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The Cowboys' franchise quarterback had dated a great many hotties. One was the ever public romance between him and Jessica Simpson.

That relationship was dead in the water when he choked in a playoff game with Simpson sitting in the stands. Now life is better for all parties.

This past weekend was not just about barbecues for the nation, it was time for Crawford and Romo to exchange vows in a lavish Texas wedding.

With the lockout in full force, the couple can enjoy a long luxurious honeymoon. I don't think we will hear any protests from Tony Romo about that.

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