Bubba Starling: Why Starling Made Right Move Skipping Nebraska

Top prospect Bubba Starling had to choose between the Kansas City Royals and the Nebraska Cornhuskers by 11 p.m. Central time on Monday.

At the deadline, Starling, the No. 5 overall pick in the 2011 MLB Draft, chose to become the Royals' star outfielder of the future.

Starling, who had signed with Nebraska out of high school to keep his options open (he was rated the No. 119 prospect in college football by ESPN), eventually ended up signing with the Royals, agreeing to a $7.5 million bonus, and forgoing his college career.

In the end, it probably wasn't that tough a decision, and some speculate part of the reason Starling signed with Nebraska was to up his price tag with the Royals, dangling the possibility of him choosing college if he wasn't offered enough money.

But, really, upwards of $7 million just to sign with the Royals? Plus the possibility to become hometown hero after starring at Gardner Edgerton High School?

C'mon, this decision was in the bank.

Starling now begins his ascent to the major leagues, and given the talent this kid has, he probably won't stay long in the minors before debuting at Kauffman Stadium.

Starling has the possibility of not only becoming the best hitter, but the best player in the 2011 MLB Draft. Given the Royals have already seen some top prospects begin to flourish in the majors (Alex Gordon, Eric Hosmer, Billy Butler), the club should have an explosive offense if Starling lives up to the hype.

If Starling would have stayed at Nebraska, he would have had to wait three years to begin his progression to the major leagues, and he likely wouldn't have started over Nebraska QB Taylor Martinez on the Cornhuskers.

Now, he can begin his dream of becoming a star in the big leagues, with the potential to be the hero who guides the Royals past mediocrity.

-Ryan Rudnansky