Brooklyn Decker: Andy Roddick’s Wife Is On Fire and That Is a Very Good Thing

Brooklyn Decker Appears in 'Just Go With It' Making It a Must See Movie

I generally relegate Adam Sandler movie's to the pile that I place on my queue when they come to Netflix. But I may have to re-think that strategy with his latest opus. 'Just Go With It' is his newest endeavour and it has a whole bunch of hot inside. 

I am not talking about Jennifer Aniston who has become the most popular woman to date and then subsequently dump. No, I am talking about my favorite WAG, Brooklyn Decker. The model appears in the film and has taken to the red carpet recently. 

But can the super hot model act? Who cares? It isn't like most Hollywood actors are necessarily world-beaters in the acting department. Tell me how Ashton Kutcher keeps getting gigs. 

Decker plays the young girlfriend of Adam Sandler's character in the upcoming romantic comedy. I am able to buy into her dating Sandler because I happen to be an avid fan of Science Fiction as well. 

It is my hope that Brooklyn can at the very least deliver her lines with out stuttering or falling flat on her face. If she succeeds, we will be seeing a whole lot more of her, and that my friends is a very good thing.

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