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Boston Celtics: Down Three Games to One Are the Celtics Done?

Boston Celtics In Big Trouble Heading Back To Miami

We all knew that the Celtics were aging and would that their mini-dynasty was in jeopardy.

But after their decisive Game Three victory over Miami, and a valiant effort through four quarters last night, they ran out of gas in  overtime, missing all but one field goal attempt and turning the ball over several times.

With the series shifting back to Miami--where they were handled in Games One and two, the Celtics are going to have an extremely difficult time avoiding the sweep.

Especially if Kevin Garnett continues to be invisible on the offensive end.

Since he is the (literally) biggest of the aging Big Three, maybe it was expected that he'd start to look old first: his myriad of injuries are also to blame.

But I don't think anyone expected him to be so ineffective in this series, especially against Chris Bosh, who isn't necessarily the most dominant defender in the NBA.


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Garnett played 41 minutes last night, only took ten shots and made just one. Now this time, he did manage to get the line six times--the first three games, he only attempted two--he still seemed to be settling for jumpers. It was the second of four games in which KG struggled mightily from the field (he was 3-for-9 in Game One) and not surprisingly the C's lost both games.

It would seem that as Garnett goes, so go the Celtics. If he doesn't produce more in Game Five, it could be the end of their season....and probably their reign of dominance.