Boston Bruins Parade 2011: Over One Million Fans Flood the Streets in Beantown

Over One Million Fans Flood the Streets for the Boston Bruins Championship Parade

After 39 years of Stanley Cup drought, the Boston Bruins finally brought the most prestigious trophy in sports back to one of the original six teams.

By all estimations, more than one million people lined the streets during the parades three mile course to watch their beloved Bruins celebrate their sixth title in franchise history.

As compared to the joke that was the Canucks’s fans reaction to the loss in the Stanley Cup Finals and subsequent riots that took place in Vancouver, the Boston parade was one of the most peaceful in recent memory and saw little trouble.

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Most of the players on the Bruins feel like they are part of the community, and when it comes to interacting with the fans, it comes natural.

Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference told Massachusetts Live:

There's something about this team and that's just our style. We just walk around and we got buddies in the neighborhood. Even today for the parade, guys are just getting out of their house and walking over. I know that my family, we walked over it is like the perfect microcosm of this team. Players just walking over and only difference today is that we'll be on a duck boat.

When a team commands as much respect as the Bruins do in the Boston community, a championship is the perfect reward for the years of unyielding loyalty that the fans show.

The Boston Bruins are one of the most prestigious teams in the history of the NHL, and the fact that they haven’t won in so long is amazing. With such a long winning tradition for the Bruins’ franchise, let’s hope that the next Stanley Cup won’t take another 39 years to win.

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