BOSSIP Exclusive: Lil Fizz’s Ex-Girlfriend Speaks Out, Says ‘Raz-B’s Allegations Are False’

Moniece Slaughter Lil Fizz

For two years, Moniece Slaughter and Lil Fizz were inseparable, joined at the hip like Siamese twins. About eight months ago, she took their then three-week-old son and walked away from the situation. But while she’s not dealing with Fizz anymore, she reached out to BOSSIP to set the record straight about Raz B’s allegations.

Moniece – who once worked for Akon’s label Konvict Music and is now signed to his KonLive imprint was friends with Lil Fizz for years before they became a couple. So she’s seen some of the inner workings of Chris Stokes and Marques Houston’s T.U.G. operations. And for a couple of years, she and Raz B were very close friends. She even put her name on the line for an apartment and other perks Raz B said were used to keep him quiet… and which she says were offered long before he brought up his allegations.

Check out what Moniece had to say about her son’s father, her former friend, and the other famous ex who’s interfering with her career.

Bossip: Do you mind explaining why you decided to walk away from your relationship with Lil Fizz?
Moniece: I felt it was time to walk away based on the treatment I received during my pregnancy. His [close] relationship with my mother was too much for me to handle. A lot of things happed before Dreux – Fizz – came along that were answers to a lot of family issues that I had were shared between Fizz and my mom. Then Fizz turned around during an argument and used all those things as a weapon to hurt me. That was really the beginning of the downfall of the relationship.

Bossip: But you guys co-parent your son, right? So you’re cool now?
Moniece: No, we don’t speak; and I’m not at liberty to talk about that right now because we are in the middle of a horrible, disgusting, nasty custody battle. We actually haven’t talked to each other in over three months.

Bossip: Since the two of you have known each other since you were 15, so almost nine years, is it safe to assume you’ve had dealings with anyone in TUG Entertainment or B2K?
Moniece: Razz and I were very close in ’07-’08 and then he kinda… I don’t really know how to put it; you see what was put out there. And I was working with Konvict at the time, so I actually worked very closely, basically hand in hand, with Marques Houston for the “Mr. Houston” project. So yes, I have had dealings. I have witnessed the amount of help that Ricky [Romance] and Raz received, and been a part of it firsthand. I had an apartment in my name for Ricky that Chris and Marques asked me to help him with. And he took advantage of that, so I nipped that in the bud. And I just didn’t want any part of that whole scandal. But Marques and I are cool, Chris and I are okay. I don’t know how their relationship is with Fizz.

Bossip: As far as you know, is there any truth to any of what Raz-B has been saying in the press?
Moniece: I will say that when Fizz and I were okay, we spent every moment together. He let me know about B2K and how the group came to a demise; but knowing him now, I don’t know how much of it is true. But to be honest, I don’t know if what Raz is saying is true. I really don’t. Dreux never said anything that would have lead me to believe that Marques and/or Chris were molesting anyone. I know Dreux never saw that or took part in anything of that nature from what he shared with me. Things that I have seen and heard from Raz recently… like I said, I think the allegations are false against Dreux. I don’t know what went on in Raz’s personal life before I met him, before we became close. I know there was a lot of disfunction going on in that group. I know there will probably never be a B2K reunion for many good reasons.

Bossip: Being that you and Raz were close, is it difficult to watch him going through this and falling apart publicly like this? Have you tried to reach out to him?
Moniece: It does hurt my heart to see someone that I was so close with at one point go through something like this. And I do feel for him and reach out to him. I saw him after my son was born. We met and chopped it up for a bit, and I know he was dating someone new at the time. So I was happy to see him happy; he was happy for me and Fizz and my son being born. Recently, when I made the general tweets about not being appreciative of those false allegations of molestation on Dreux coming from Marques, I did reach out to Raz and I asked him to follow mw so we could talk privately. I tweeted him to call me. I haven’t heard anything from him.

Bossip: Why do you think he brought Fizz’s name into it? Do you think he’s trying to legitimize his own situation? Is it an attention thing at this point in your opinion?
Moniece: I really can’t read Raz’ motivation. I wish he would get some help. I know there was a lot of boy band rivalry going on within their circle. My guess is as good as anyone else’s. I think at this point, Raz just really needs a shoulder to lean on, whatever it is that he’s going through. Whatever it is that is causing him to bring these allegations back to light, back to everyone’s attention. I know he just did an album, and I always see a cycle: Raz gets back on his work horse; he misses what he had with the group; he feels like he was a neutral party in the situation and he feels like he was slighted because other people couldn’t work out their differences. B2K is over and done, and he tries to revive it and bring attention to whatever he’s doing that’s new. Because on his own, any of the boys, I don’t think hold any weight anymore. And I talked to Raz about [a reunion] all the time when we were friends. And his hopes were always so high. But this isn’t the way to get that.

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