Blake Griffin: Should He Be Named to the All-Star Team?

Blake Griffin has proven that he was more than worth the wait after missing what should have been his rookie season with a knee injury.

Griffin has dominated this season, racking up double doubles with ease and lighting up the highlight reels with amazing dunks. Soon, we’ll know who the reserves to the All-Star Game are and Griffin should be on the list. The game is in front of his home crowd and he’s helped bring energy and life to the Clippers on a nightly basis.

For that feat, he deserves a medal. Sure, he’s put up numbers on a bad team, but he’s gone it against great competition as well and more than deserves to be on the court with all of the other superstars the league has to offer.

We all want to see him catch an alleyoop an throw it down on the Eastern Conference. It’s only fair.

He deserves to be there more than Yao Ming, who was voted in yet again and will have to be replaced on the roster. Just give the fans what they want. It’s that simple.

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