Bears vs. Lions: Detroit Will Prove They Are Powerhouse in NFC with MNF Win

The Detroit Lions are going to pull even with the Green Bay Packers at 5-0 for a share of the NFC and division lead after they wallop the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football.

Quite a turnaround for a team considered one of the worst in football since Barry Sanders retired, and now they are on course for their first playoff appearance since 1999.

2011 has been some year for the Lions, as Matthew Stafford has remained healthy so far and developed an incredible rapport with All-Pro wide receiver Calvin Johnson.

The team has won in all sorts of ways and proved they have resilience by coming from behind in back-to-back weeks to pull out wins.

I believe they will beat up on the Bears tonight in their first Monday Night Football game since 2001. That was ten seasons ago, and seemingly an eternity for Detroit fans.

The home crowd is going to be raucous—they have been starved for a competitive team for years. They sold out a preseason game against the Patriots this year and rocked the house like it was a playoff game.

There is just no way they lose with so much support and karma coming their way for paying their dues over the past decade. They have been building towards this moment and this season for what feels like forever, and it is finally paying off.

They have a franchise QB and receiver, a solid running back and a tough defense and it seems like they will be battling with the Packers for the division all season long. Both teams are going to make the playoffs, with one having to settle for the Wild Card, but you better believe Lions’ fans will take that.

I can’t wait to watch the team perform on Monday Night in front of a huge crowd and a national television audience and come up big. They deserve it. 

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