BCS Rankings 2011: Sleepers Who Will Make a Charge to BCS Bowl Games

Just because we are in the second week of November and your team is currently sitting outside of the Top 10 of the BCS Standings, it does not mean that your team is going to completely miss out of a BCS bowl game. 

In fact your team is in just as great of a possession as a team like LSU or Oklahoma State. 

These three teams will make a BCS bowl game and here’s how. 


Penn State Nittany Lions

Penn State has a two game lead in the Big Ten’s Leaders division with three games left. With a win over Nebraska this week it will all but lock up the division, thus giving PSU a birth in the Big Ten Championship game. 

They will win that game against either Michigan, Michigan State or Nebraska, while moving onto the Rose Bowl. 


Georgia Tech

The Georgia Tech season looked to be dead and over, after two straight losses in the middle of October. But a huge victory over Clemson has put the confidence back into this Yellow Jacket team, that will carry them through their titanic game this week against Virginia Tech.

A win here will move them into the lead of the ACC Coastal division, and will put them with a lot of momentum as they head into the ACC Championship game. 

A win over Clemson again will put them into the Orange Bowl.


Cincinnati Bearcats

Not a lot of people want to give any respect to the Big East conference. They barely have a team in the Top 25 of the BCS Standings, they didn’t have anyone ranked in the AP preseason Poll and they’re losing teams from their conference. 

But, this Cincinnati team has put together a very impressive season. 

They will win the Big East conference by a wide margin and will be a head ache for whomever they play in a BCS bowl game.


That’s how these three teams, who are underdogs now, will come crashing the BCS party come January. 

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