BCS Bowl Games: 3 Questions We’ll Get Answered in All the BCS Bowls

Definitive answers aren't exactly easy to come by in college football, but with this year's BCS bowl games all set, we'll hopefully be able to get some clarity from this year's postseason. 

Here's a look at three questions that we'll get answered in the BCS bowls. 

Does Oklahoma State Really Deserve a Title Shot?

Oklahoma State certainly has a right to be angry after being shut out of the BCS national championship game in favor of Alabama.

The Cowboys had the more impressive strength of schedule, and the overall better resume, but if they really want to show that they truly belonged in the BCS title game, then they better make sure they don’t go out and get beat in the Fiesta Bowl.

If Mike Gundy’s crew gets upended by Stanford out in the desert, they better be prepared for an onslaught of fraud taunts headed their direction.

Is the Game of the Century Rematch Really Pointless?

The rematch of the Game of the Century between LSU and Alabama in the BCS national championship game has certainly angered more than a few college football fans, but if the game actually turns out to be an exciting classic, I doubt that you’re going to hear many people still complaining.

If it’s another 9-6 slow-paced defensive battle, then sure, you’re still going to get some grumbling, but if it’s a 33-30 down-to-the-wire finish, I’m sure the game will win more than a few critics over.

Are the Sugar Bowl and Orange Bowl actually Worth Watching?

There are three BCS bowl games that are definitely intriguing—the national championship game between LSU and Alabama, the Fiesta Bowl between Oklahoma State and Stanford and the Rose Bowl between Oregon and Wisconsin. However, the Sugar Bowl and the Orange Bowl, which will both feature two teams ranked outside of the Top 10, have both been getting heavily criticized and downplayed so far.

We’ll find out if Virginia Tech and Michigan, and West Virginia and Clemson, can actually put on a show that’s worth tuning in for.

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