Basketball Wives Reunion: Get Ready for Tami Roman vs. Meeka Claxton Cage Match

The lovely ladies of Basketball Wives is preparing for the all-important reunion show. You know, because a heavily nuanced show like this needs a recap. The biggest story line will be the lingering hatred between Tami Roman and Meeka Claxton, and that is precisely what is wrong with the show. 

On Monday, the millions of fans of Basketball Wives will be able to say goodbye to season three in a popular manner. The ladies will come back to relive all the ups and downs of the season. 

The problem I have with the show is that it ha far more downs than is warranted. Those low points are highlighted with screaming matches that are more high school melodrama than adult problem solving. 

The best example of which was the fight between Tami Roman and Meeka Claxton. Roman is the former wife of Kenny Anderson, and Claxton is the former wife of Speedy Claxton. 

It is any wonder why the show isn't called, Former Basketball Wives. While the cast was in Italy, the two became enraged with one another. 

Much like you handle things in your daily life, Roman hit Claxton. The fight capped off the highest-rated episode of the show. It is also the reason that I fully expect the two to reconvene for another bout on tonight's reunion show. 

There is no getting around it. Basketball Wives is a trashy show. You can chalk this up to vices that we enjoy like the Jerry Springer Show

It gets great ratings, which is more of a testament to how we like to spend our off time. It seems that when we get home from work, we would rather shut the brain off and see some good ol' fashioned cat fighting. 

The people at VH-1 know what you like, and you can bet that you will get it in the first of two parts Monday night at 8pm. The second part can be seen next Monday. 

If the two come out and claw each other's eyes out, I would not bat an eye. In fact, I would only be surprised if a well-thought out show depicting strong women were employed. I won't hold my breath.