Barcelona Transfer Rumours: Barca Makes Final Offer for Alexis Sanchez

Barcelona Transfer Rumours Center on Negotiations Over Alexis Sanchez

With Manchester City out of the picture, it is smooth sailing for Barcelona.

The English side was the only real competition left for the services of Alexis Sanchez, the young starlet who has drawn a lot of attention in this summer's transfer window.

City threw a lot of cash on the table, trying to tempt Sanchez into coming to England, but the player has steadfastly refused to do so, publicly stating his desire to suit up for Barcelona, forcing Man City to withdraw from the running.

Now, with Barcelona the only contender remaining, the two sides are negotiating, but have run into a sticking point.


Speaking to EFE, the spokesperson told the Spanish news agency: "We are waiting for a response from Udinese.

"Barcelona made a definitive offer for the player and we will not change the parameters indicated."

Reports have suggested the two clubs have agreed on a fee of around £36 million, but it seems the sticking point has been the method of payment.

Barcelona want to give £24.3m up front and the rest dependent on variables. The Italians, however, reportedly want to guarantee the full figure in one payment rather than risk losing out if the player does not fulfil targets that would trigger additional installments.

With Barcelona's financial state and transfer budget, it's not shocking that the club has tried to find a way to minimize the monetary blow up front, hoping to make payments later so it can go after players like Cesc Fabregas later in the summer.

Barca has moves it wants to make, and you can't blame Udinese for wanting the money up front, especially considering the rest of the payment is contingent on the player's performance, something that is partially contingent on how Barcelona employs him on the pitch.

Udinese could use the money, and Barcelona is trying to do their best to avoid giving it up, but if they really want Sanchez on the pitch for them, they'll give Udinese what they want.

With a deal in reach, Barca can't afford to fool around and try and milk more out of Udinese.

Barcelona is already getting Sanchez at a discount, at least compared to what City was willing to pay, and they should just be happy with that.

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