Auburn Football: NCAA Reveals Tigers Aren’t out of the Woods Yet

Last month, Julie Roe Lach, the NCAA's vice president for enforcement, made a presentation to SEC coaches, and when she was finished, Auburn football coach Gene Chizik was the first to raise his hand.

Chizik, predictably, wanted to know if the NCAA was done investigating former Auburn star Cam Newton's father, who allegedly offered Mississippi State Newton in exchange for $180,000.

At the time, via the New York Times, Roe Lach told Chizik, “You’ll know when we’re finished. And we’re not finished.”

But Roe Lach said more.

Oh, so much more.

More details have been emerging since the fun get-together.

Apparently Chizik wasn't satisfied with Roe Lach's general answer and he wanted more specifics, and a clear answer regarding the Newton case.

Roe Lach was reportedly forced to be direct with Chizik, stating that Auburn was still under review, and that this thing was far from over.

The NCAA has been trying to increase and restructure its enforcement lately, as NCAA violations continue to pile up.

In addition to the Newton investigation last season, Ohio State was also probed when several Buckeyes players were reported to have accepted benefits for autographs and sold memorabilia in violation of NCAA rules.

Longtime coach Jim Tressel, who admitted to knowing of the infractions but not telling the school or the NCAA, has since resigned, and Buckeyes star quarterback has since withdrawn from the university.

It seems like every season now we hear of a university breaking or bending the rules, and the latest investigations into Auburn and Ohio State are proof that the NCAA is indeed getting serious, and is no longer content with letting schools get away with violations.

In the past, the Tigers would have already been out of the woods, with maybe a slap on the wrist.

Now, it may be a while until they see that clearing.