Auburn Football 2011: Michael Dyer Could Emerge as Heisman Darkhorse

Michael Dyer played a huge role in the Auburn Tigers winning the National Championship a season ago. When it wasn't Cam Newton scoring touchdown with his arm or leg, it was Dyer rushing for over 1,000 yards and scoring five touchdowns.

Dyer was huge his freshman season averaging six yards a carry and rushing for 143 yards in the National Championship game against the Oregon Ducks. His 143 yards was the 10th highest in Auburn history for a freshman and he was the offensive player of the game. Did I mention he didn't play the first quarter?

He runs very low to the ground and is very hard to tackle. He has a great combination of speed and power and if he just works on his explosiveness he'll be one of the top backs in the country.

If Dyer was able to put those numbers up during his freshman year, there's no telling what type of season he can have with most of the starters gone. Auburn is going with a first time starter at quarterback so, they plan on leaning on Dyer quite a bit this season. 

With a heavier workload and a season under his belt, Michael Dyer is a Heisman dark horse and could provide some hope for a young Auburn team with lower expectations. 

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