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Atlanta Braves: Slumping Braves Look Overrated as They Prepare for Phillies

Atlanta Braves Are Mired In A Three Game Losing Streak, But Did People Expect Too Much Coming Into The Season

Despite being in a division with the Philadelphia Phillies, some people thought Atlanta was the team to watch for in the NL East.

When you come in with those types of expectations, and you get lose three of four to the Brewers, a team without Zack Grienke in the rotation to start the season and a group that has had a questionable bullpen to start the year. That's going to raise a couple of eyebrows.

Let's just get one thing out of the way right now, the Philadelphia Phillies are the team to beat, not just in the division, but in the entire league. When you have two pitchers like Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee at the front of the rotation, you have a great chance to win a playoff series.

While Cole Hamels had a rough first start, a lot of it was based on bad luck with balls put in play and he'll certainly rebound. I'm not nearly as sold in Atlanta's rotation or its lineup. The Braves will compete for the Wild Card, but this is not a group that can take the division title from the Phillies.

I'm not sure what people saw coming into the season to make some people believe that's a possibility, but this weekend we'll see the Phillies get at least two wins against this Braves team.

There is a bright future for Atlanta, with players like Jason Heyward and Freddie Freeman, but the future is not exactly now for this Braves team, and we'll see that tonight as Lee takes the hill for the Phillies.