Arsenal Transfer News: Mikel Arteta Should Be Gunners’ Main Focus

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is working hard on deadline day to make up for some of the losses the Gunners have endured this summer. While there are seemingly dozens of names being tossed around, Everton midfielder Mikel Arteta should be the main focus of Wenger's efforts.

The Toffees are dealing with some financial woes, so there is a strong belief that any player could be had at the right price. That includes Arteta, who Arsenal have inquired about within the past 24 hours, according to Mirror Football.

The 29-year-old winger can have trouble staying healthy at times, but he's a force to be reckoned with when fit. He's a terrific passer, which is probably the most important trait necessary to survive at Emirates, and excels on set pieces.

While it is admirable that Wenger is trying to make up for lost time with a last day push to sign several players, he might be spreading himself too thin. He should try to key in on a few players he really wants instead of chasing every available midfielder or striker.

Arteta could have a major impact on an Arsenal attack that tends to get a bit stale. His creativity would open up a new dimension to the Gunners' offense and could be the difference between a season stuck in the middle and challenging for a top-six spot.

It's impossible to fix every problem with the squad in one day. It's going to be an extended process that will include developing players within the youth system into useful contributors. As much hype as the transfer deadline usually receivers, very few groundbreaking moves are actually made.

While Arteta might not fall in the groundbreaking category, he would be a very good acquisition that should keep the fans off Wenger's back for awhile. It would also be a sobering move for Everton, who are trending in the wrong direction again this season.

Arteta to Arsenal? Make it happen, Wenger.

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