Aresenal Transfer News: Arsene Wenger’s Desperation Good for Gunners

With Arsenal in full-scale panic mode after losing 8-2 to Manchester United last weekend and seeing their status as one of the premier squads in the Premier League dwindling with each passing day, Arsene Wenger is trying to work some late magic

According to Sami Mokbel of The U.K. Daily Mail, the Gunners are hot on the trail of Chelsea midfielder Yossi Benayoun

“Sounds like Arsenal are pressing ahead with their interest in Yossi Benayoun. Been further talks with Chelsea today and it's one the Gunners are definitely pursuing.

With Arsenal desperate for any talent that it can get right now, Benayoun would be a major upgrade for this squad as we approach the end of the summer transfer window.

He is a very good scorer who plays like a hybrid striker/midfielder and has a good knack for scoring goals at key moments, which is something this Arsenal squad has been lacking thus far in Premier League action.

The one drawback to Benayoun is his somewhat lackadaisical approach without the ball. He tends to get lost at times during a game and needs someone to smack him on the head (figuratively) to bring him back to reality.

Arsenal is desperate to try anything before the end of the transfer window and Wenger is finally spending all that money he got for selling Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri earlier this month. Whether all the moves that he makes will work out is another story, but at least the squad is trying something.

Benayoun may not be the perfect player but he does give this squad an upgrade at a position in which it desperately needs to get better.

Wenger has to sense that he is on thin ice with the fans, and if he makes it through this transfer window without doing anything to upgrade his squad, the backlash will be off the charts. He is doing everything that he can to right the ship for Arsenal before the clock runs out.

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