Angela Rypien: Mark Rypien Fine Watching Daughter Play Football in Lingerie

Mark Rypien is a better man than I am. 

The former Washington Redskins quarterback had to endure what would have been a nightmare to other fathers. He recently spent most of his day watching his daughter in lingerie. 

It is not nearly as tawdry as all that. Angela Rypien is a noteworthy football player herself. She is the starting quarterback for the Seattle Mist of the Lingerie Football League. 

She plays with as much poise in the pocket as her father, but it's hard to think that it wasn't at least a little awkward for the proud pop to watch his daughter gallivant in nothing more than bras and panties. 

Rypien led her team to a 42-8 win over the Green Bay Chill in the season-opener. She had a nice little game too. Rypien threw 6-for-16 for 81 yards and three touchdowns.

That's a game over which any father would be ecstatic. In fact, her dad may have thought to even tell his buddies all about it. Yet there was just that little note of the team's wardrobe. 

Anyone who has seen a Lingerie Football League game will tell you that it is all about playing some pigskin, but with a heaping dose of sensuality. 

The main draw is that every last woman is scantily clad, and Rypien was fine with it. For him, it was all about supporting his daughter on the field, and I commend him for that. However, I'm sure it is still an awkward moment. 

Rypien told reporters all about it after the game. "Once the first snap happens and they start smacking each other around, you lose sight of all of that and you’re looking at the technical aspects of the game," he said. 

Luckily for Rypien, he could view the game with a much more nuanced approach than most of the rowdy fans in attendance. 

It must be because Rypien is a gamer at heart, and so is his daughter.

She had thoughts on her game as well. "To be honest, I didn’t think I did very well at all. I left that game not really satisfied that I did my best," she said. 

Angela was called for a personal foul during the game for punching an opponent. All of this has me thinking one thing: I need to start watching the Lingerie Football League. 

Mark Rypien may have had to deal with a tough watch, but when it's all said and done, it's all about supporting the kids.