Albert Pujols: Cardinals Slugger Will Veto Trade If Contract Talks Break Down

Albert Pujols: Cardinals Slugger Will Veto Trade If Contract Talks Break Down

Where would the St. Louis Cardinals be without Albert Pujols?

It’s a question that has probably been asked a lot. But luckily, the idea of life without their slugging first baseman has never really been a serious issue for the Cardinals and their legions of devoted fans.

Until now.

Pujols is entering the final year of his contract, and negotiations for an extension have not gone very well.

The latest news, according to ESPN’s Buster Olney, is that the one thing that will absolutely not happen in any event is a trade. Because he has the power to do so, Pujols has said that he will veto any and all trade proposals.

As such, there are only two options for the Cardinals: pay their star slugger, or let him walk.

To sign him, they will likely have to do it by Pujols’ February 19th deadline, which coincides with the first day he will arrive at spring training.

As for what it will take to keep Pujols, Olney says that it will have to be something similar to what the New York Yankees gave Alex Rodriguez in 2007: 10 years and $275 million.

If Pujols ends up walking, the Cardinals will receive two first round draft picks. Considering that Pujols has hit 30 home runs and driven in 100 runs every year since he broke into the Majors in 2001, that’s obviously not much of a consolation prize.

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