Alabama Football: What Worries Would Nick Saban Have at Alabama?

To most it would seem that Nick Saban is a man who has it all with very little to worry about, but there are things that still give the man cause to worry.

In the short term, he worries that his team hasn't fully learned the lessons of last year and are complacent in thinking that with this group of athletes and these coaches that winning is just something that is going to just automatically happen.

"You can fall into the trap of being a winning program." Saban said on many occasions, "Players then expect to simply show up and win rather than doing all the things necessary to earn that win."

So in effect, Saban worries about being a victim of his own success, making winning an expected thing rather than an earned thing.

Then you have the everyday worries that all coaches have. Are the players doing their work in the classroom, are there problems among players he doesn't know about, are the players self policing one another to keep everyone on the straight and narrow?

Every time Saban reads or hears about problems like the one that just happened with LSU players at Shady's Bar, a spot Saban is all too familiar with from his days at LSU, he worries and wonders if he doing everything he can to keep such a thing from happening at Tuscaloosa?

"As coaches, you can't watch players 24 hours a day." Saban said on this subject a few months back, "You have to build a system where the players help monitor one another and hold one another accountable for the things they shouldn't be doing. Sometimes that will do more than what we as coaches can do."

So Saban worries about having those kind of leaders on his team, not just the example setters, but the ones with the courage to step in a group and say, "Hey guys, this isn't something we need to be doing."

Saban also worries about the tides of fortune in winning and recruiting.

No one wins forever, there are off years in winning and off years in recruiting. Saban's job is to make those dips small ones. While most coaches think of a 10-win season and a major bowl win as a great season, for Saban, that was one of the low dips he went through last season and wants to avoid again.

Contrary to what you may believe, expanding the SEC, limiting the number you can over sign and whether there's a playoff system or a plus-one system coming, none of that worries Nick Saban. He could care less about the things he can't control or has no control over. He simply focuses on the things he can influence or that he can control.

Another thing that that Saban worries about is change. Right now Saban feels he has the best of everything as far as support from the administration.

He and Mal Moore are much more than athletic director and coach or boss and employee, they are friends and Saban knows that Mal shares the same goals and visions that he does.

Saban knows however that he will in all likelihood outlast Mal Moore and Saban can only hope to have someone he feels as comfortable with and supports him as much. Should Saban not get that in a successor, an early retirement might be coming.

Nick Saban has accomplished too much as a coach and earned too much money to be a situation he doesn't feel totally comfortable at. And that comfort even extends to the president of the university himself, who he regularly showers praise on and calls the best president I've ever worked for.

Right now he has it all and he just wants it to stay that way.

Perhaps the last thing Saban worries about is when it will be time to hang it up. Turning 60 this year made Saban look toward the end game. His contract runs through the 2017 season and assures that Saban will be employed through his 66th birthday.

But will that be it?

Saban has said that he intends to keep coaching as long as he can keep winning consistently and as long as he still loves doing it.

So when will he leave?

Alabama fans are hoping he's still worrying about that past the year 2020.

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