A Whole New World? Carmelo Anthony’s Trade To The Knicks Is Like a Disney Movie

Carmelo Anthony eagerly rubs the magic lamp and an abyss of teal smoke engulfs the air.

The teal mist collaborates to form a silhouette of a man, floating in mid-air.

He identifies himself as "Genie" and he expresses to Carmelo he is to be granted three wishes.

The Genie explains, "Three wishes, to be exact. And ix-nay on the wishing for more wishes. That's all. Three. Uno, dos, tres. No substitutions, exchanges or refunds."

Without hesitation, Carmelo replies, "To play in New York, to play for the Knicks, and to be traded now."

Smirking, the Genie responds to Carmelo's request, "Your wish is my command."

As soon as the last word flew out of Genie's mouth, Carmelo's wish was instantly granted.

And just like that, the Knicks, who had to trade Danilo Gallinari, Raymond Felton, Wilson Chandler, a 2014 first round draft pick, Anthony Randolph and Eddy Curry in order to obtain Carmleo Anthony and Chauncey Billups, are now in the discussion for contending for the NBA championship crown.

A wish was finally fulfilled.

The Knicks had been talking about obtaining Carmelo for years and their fans have been waiting patiently for the Knicks franchise to finally deliver for what they had promise.

However, the sudden transaction of Carmelo was not suppose to happen.

We have been hearing whispers involving the Knicks waiting till the end of this season to sign Carmelo to a record-deal contract.

With the previous off-season acquisition of Amare Stoudemire, the Knicks figured luring Carmelo to New York would have made the process easier.

Their goal was to have Carmelo sit down in a nice, comfortable, recliner with caviar by his side and their suave marketing executives would persuade him why New York would be the ultimate destination for him.

Their final deal breaker would have been winning it all for his hometown.

Who would have thought editors would have been hired to re-write the entire script?

Something went off in the Knicks owner James Dolan's head to make a haste judgement on acquiring Carmelo.

Was it outside forces (cough, cough, New Jersey Nets) that poised a threat to the Knicks initial plan?

The Knicks convincingly walked the walk with their bold transaction as they finally acquired the man they desperately wanted.

Everything went as planned for the Knicks as it all went perfect.

Many people will explain how the Knicks sacrificed too much to trade for Carmelo.

But it's what the Knicks had to do if they wanted the Brooklyn native.

They were eying the big prize and they were not going to back down from the opportunity.

Critics laughed at the fair-fetched story the Knicks told involving their team with a roster of Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony.

However, a fairy tale came alive and a dream came true.

And who knows what else the Knicks have in store for them this season.

An Eastern Conference Championship appearance?

A NBA finals appearance?

Their season appears to have a magical sensation to it.

And remember, this offseason, the Knicks are going to either add free agent Chris Paul or Deron Williams.

Is New York Knicks basketball on the rise and fearful once again?

It's too premature to determine as of now, but it's, "a whole new world and a new fantastic point of view."

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