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Joe Jackson To Conrad Murray: “Yo A** Ain’t Gettin’ Off That Easy!” As He Refiles Lawsuit

According To Radaronline reports: Michael Jackson’s father Joe Jackson refiled a wrongful death lawsuit in a Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday against the singer’s physician Dr. Conrad Murray, has learned. Joe is also suing Applied Pharmacy, based in Las Vegas, where Murray has an office. This is Joe’s second attempt in filing the [...]

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Daz3D Aimee for V4.2

Daz3D | 31 MBDetail:

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Farming Simulator 2011-SKIDROW

Farming Simulator 2011-SKIDROW(PC/English/2010)29-11-2010 | Developer: Astragon | Languages: ENGLISH | PC | ISO | 834 MBGenre: SimulatorNow it’s possible to breed cattle completing a variety of tasks such as feeding the cows or spreading the dung and l…

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PSD Water Drops

PSD Water Drops93 PSD | min 591 x 591 max 2480 x 3543 | 114,6 Mb

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The New Republican Senate Are Acting Like A$$es!

America voted for Republicans to bum-rush the show in DC and now they are about to bring the pain! President Obama has asked a panel of congressional leaders to work out some sort of compromise on the expiring unemployment benefits. It seems as if the brash Republicans in Congress let the deadline for the unemployment [...]

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Come On, People, Let’s Get Convertible Tablets Right This Time

Back in about 2002 or so when Toshiba and a few others tried to sell tablets to businesses and consumers. This was around when Bill Gates was flogging Windows Tablet PC Edition and we all realized that tablets weren’t quite the trick. Among those devices were the so-called convertibles – laptops that folded around to become thick tablets. When you wanted to tap on the screen you could and when you wanted to type you could do that, too. They were awful.

Now, suddenly, Dell comes out with the Duo and Apple is patenting something that looks like a MacBook Air with a clever folding screen. Sadly, the Duo is a dud and the Apple patents probably won’t make it to market, but here’s what I’d like to see in the convertible department.

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3D Living rooms and lounges

13 scenes | V-Ray | texture | 489 Mb

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3D Offices and Waiting rooms

14 scenes | V-Ray | texture | 110 MB

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DJ Delz & Pusha T – I’m Your Pusha

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Report Shows iPad Gaining On Kindle In E-Reader Category

I’m not really sure this research is as revealing as it seems to be. Take a look at the diagram. The take-away is that since the introduction of the iPad, the Kindle’s share of the e-reader market has dropped from 68% to 40%. This suggests that sales of the Kindle are dropping, or that Amazon is losing ground to Apple. But the simple nature of the study suggests a different conclusion.

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