9 English Premier League Greats and the Transfer Fees They Would Demand

The Premiership is a completely different beast when compared to the one that came into existence in 1992. Gone are Swindon Town, The Crazy Gang, David Elleray, armies of average Scandinavian players and kits made by Pony. A league now exists loaded with foreign players, coaches and owners; we also have exhorbant transfer fees. The only constant has been Sir Alex Ferguson. 

Liverpool’s 20 million pound signing of Jordan Henderson was a personal watershed. How can a player so distinctly average command such a fee. Yes he is English and has an England Cap which are factors that have always sky rocketed a players value but the real reason is that transfer fees have exponentially increased in the league since its Carling sponsorship days.

Here are 9 Premier league greats and an estimated transfer fee they would command in today’s market.

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