50 Facts About the 2011 Atlanta Braves

1. Brian McCann has hit all of his home runs at home.

2. Martin Prado's batting average is .229 on the road.

3. Jair Jurrjens has pitched at least six innings and allowed two earned runs or less in all eight of his starts.

4. Tommy Hanson's ERA is 3.86 when he pitches during the day.

5. Chipper Jones's batting average is .323 right-handed and .224 left-handed.

6. Jordan Schafer has a .281 slugging percentage.

7. Dan Uggla is batting .107 against lefties and .199 against righties.

8. The Atlanta Braves have been caught stealing 15 times.

9. Freddie Freeman has a .994 fielding percentage.

10. The Atlanta Braves are tied for last place in the Major Leagues with four triples.

11. The Atlanta Braves are 15th in payroll, giving out $87,003,192.

12. Tommy Hanson has pitched fewer than six innings in five of his 11 starts.

13. Chipper Jones's batting average was .231 in May.

14. All seven of Dan Uggla's home runs have come against right handed pitchers.

15. The Atlanta Braves relief pitchers have had three at-bats (all belong to Christian Martinez).

16. Opposing teams are batting a league-low .227 against the Atlanta Braves.

17. Martin Prado leads MLB in at-bats with 240.

18. The Atlanta Braves are currently tied for the lowest ERA in Major League Baseball.

19. Freddie Freeman, Alex Gonzalez and Dan Uggla are on pace to have 120+ strikeouts.

20. The Atlanta Braves are fifth in the league in run differential, at +32.

21. Jason Heyward's batting average is .333 in day games and .146 during night games. 

22. Jonny Venters has only allowed two earned runs in 34.2 innings.

23. Freddie Freeman's batting average was .312 in May.

24. Dan Uggla only has one RBI against left handed pitchers.

25. Chipper Jones and Brooks Conrad are the only switch hitters on the team.

26. The Atlanta Braves are 14th in MLB average attendance with 27,193 per game.

27. Jair Jurrjens has 38 strikeouts in 65.2 innings.

28. Jonny Venters has not allowed a hit 22 of his 31 appearances.

29. Craig Kimbrel leads all closers in strikeouts with 43.

30. The Atlanta Braves are 11th in MLB with 16 intentional walks.

31. Atlanta Braves pinch hitters are hitting .228.

32. The Atlanta Braves have grounded into 47 double plays, seventh in the league.

33. Freddie Freeman is batting .214 with runners in scoring position.

34. 80 out the 110 batters that have faced Jonny Venters have been right handed.

35. Chipper Jones leads the team with 21 extra-base hits.

36. Jonny Venters leads the major leagues in appearances for a pitcher.

37. Tim Hudson, Brian McCann, and David Ross are the only Braves player born in Georgia.

38. Brian McCann leads the team in BA, OBP, SLG, and OPS.

39. Chipper Jones is seventh in MLB in walks with 30.

40. The Atlanta Braves are last in the league with 11 stolen bases.

41. Freddie Freeman's batting average is .347 when leading off an inning.

42. Alex Gonzalez is batting .333 against lefties and .248 against righties.

43. The Atlanta Braves have only hit 10 home runs (out of 55 total) against left handed pitchers.

44. Tim Hudson has been hit by pitches five times.

45. The average age on Atlanta's 25-man roster is 29.5.

46. Matt Young is the shortest player on the Braves' 25-man roster at 5'8.

47. David Ross has caught for Jair Jurrjens four times out of Jurrjens's nine starts.

48. The Atlanta Braves average 35.3 at-bats per home run.

49. Nate McClouth's batting average is .319 when he bats in the eighth spot.

50. The Atlanta Braves have been hit by pitchers seven times, a league low.

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