50 Biggest Fails in NFL History

At one moment, the NFL is totally incredible. The next second it can be a trainwreck.

The NFL is definitely America's sport, but it's not without its share of disasters. To borrow the popular term, it's one huge "fail" after another.

Some are so dreadful you laugh nervously at what you're witnessing. Kind of like Eddie Murphy attempting a music career, Lady Gaga trying to make meat fashionable, or Magic Johnson taking a shot at doing a latenight talk show. 

It begs the question: What are the worst NFL fails?

When you consider every angle possible, it's a daunting task to make a list of the 50 biggest fails in NFL history. I mean, would you rate Ryan Leaf a bigger fail than Emmitt Smith's attempt as an ESPN analyst? You've got to put Christina Aguilera's performance of the National Anthem in the mix, right (I think so)? What about uncomfortable Super Bowl commercials (I've got some in mind)? It's a huge list, but one that leaves room for lots of laughs and uncomfortableness.

One thing I discovered during this process is that the Dallas Cowboys kept making their way into this list. It wasn't intentional, and I certainly didn't have an agenda, but the more I kept brainstorming and researching, the more I thought, "Got to include it."

So here it is. The 50 Biggest Fails in NFL history. Everything is fair game:

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