4.3 Revealed at Gamescom: Deathwing, Armor Customization, and More

So things just got really serious--4.3, which was a huge mystery, is now pretty much unveiled at Gamescom. When speaking to Kotaku and Gamona.de, Tom Chilton was very open in just how much content the patch would have for WoW players. " has a whole bunch of content," he said, "three dungeons for five player instances and a new raid instance culminating in the Deathwing fight."

Of course, it's not just dungeons to be excited for. Those ethereals we mentioned a week and a half ago? They're for what most of us only dreamed in our biggest dreams and Blizzard previously said was impossible: armor customization. "We have a wealth of armor sets we created that people no longer use," Chilton said, explaining why they had chosen to add it in.

What we know:
  • Deathwing in 4.3
  • There will be three 5-mans
    One will be CoT: War of the Ancients according to Buffed.de

There may be a cross-realm raid finder
There will be armor recustomizing in 4.3; the Ethereal ability to transmogrify a player's armor, reskinning it to look like other armor in the game
  • This will be class specific (i.e. you can't make your armor look like paladin tier if you're a warlock)
  • They have not worked out specifics yet on if you will have to have owned the sets prior (personally, as someone who deleted most sets due to no space, I hope it's not required)

100-150 bank spaces for old gear
  • This may also serve as crossrealm storage or multiple character storage, this is unconfirmed but was hinted at--it makes sense, especially with the name "Void" storage

With these possible changes, it's looking like 4.3 will be the most memorable patch World of Warcraft has had since the TBC ages. And that really is no small feat.

By Ashelia on 2011/08/17 at 10:31 AM