2/21/11: Is It Possible That It’s Neither The Phenom Or Icon, But The Assassin?

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article where I predicted that it would be Sting debuting on 2/21/11 on Raw. I was very confident with my decision, but then it all went down the drain.

Last week, my mind changed after The Undertaker became the obvious answer after the song "Ain't No Grave (Can Hold Me Down)" by Johnny Cash played.

I then came up with a new selection and the second almost went down the drain, but the third selection may go together with my second selection.

I am still positive that The Undertaker will return next week, but won't be the man behind these mysterious videos. This is how it may turn out.

When The Undertaker appears and everyone thinks he was the one behind the video, the video will play while he is in the ring. The mysterious person in the coat will then appear wearing a mask and attack Taker.

After the brutal beat-down, the man will take off the coat and mask to reveal himself as Triple H.

Since it is rumored that The Undertaker will face Triple H at Wrestlemania 27, this could be the best possible setup. No one would expect Triple H to return next week since everyone thinks it is either Undertaker or Sting.

HHH could have been playing mind games with the fans this whole time by dressing up as Taker and using the Johnny Cash song that usually plays when Undertaker is set to return.

HHH could do this to get revenge on Undertaker for ending the career of his friend, Shawn Michaels. This would be perfect.

Is it possible that Triple H will return next week, or am I just going crazy?

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