2011 US Open Golf: Rory McIlroy Has Sluggish Day 3 Start, Will He Slowly Fade?

McIlroy On Par Over Three Holes As Others Catch Up

It's only Day 3 of the U.S. Open, and Rory McIlroy's collapse is starting to look just like his score for the day: on par.  Through three holes, McIlroy has not done anything special and it appears that his U.S. Open performance will soon go the same way as his Day 4 at the Masters.

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At this rate, it looks as though McIlroy is slowly becoming an underachiever.  He gets off to a hot start and has lots of potential as a pro, but can never come through in the clutch.  Sound familiar, basketball fans?

Either way, McIlroy needs to do more than just stay the course today.  He needs to extend his lead and not appear shaken or lackadaisical.  As long as he remains confident, the trophy is almost certainly his.

- Josh Benjamin

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