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2011 NFL Trade Rumors: Is Your Team Interested In Dealing For Kevin Kolb?

There is still no CBA agreement and the owners/NFLPA are closing in on the deadline to make it happen.

Even so, NFL trade rumors are still flying around and the quarterback position has some of the biggest names on the market.

Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb has had a rough go of things in Philadelphia. One minute he's the starting quarterback, the next minute he's not. Then he's back in again and now he is on the block with a first round pick on his head.

Philadelphia is no easy trading partner and could be looking for a mid-round pick in addition or a combination of picks similar to the deal Atlanta received when they shipped out Matt Schaub.

There are as many as 12 possible teams still looking to figure out their quarterback situation for 2011 and here is a look at the potential landing spots for Kevin Kolb.

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