2011 NFL Predictions: San Francisco 49ers Will Be Worst Team in NFL

Jim Harbaugh left Stanford to be the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers because he wanted to lead an NFL team to a Super Bowl championship. He will work really hard to make the team better, but that hard work will not do him a lot of good this season.

This team had a lot of questions coming into the first preseason game against the New Orleans Saints, and those questions got magnified by 100 after what happened in that game.

The offensive line looks like a complete disaster, which does not bode well for Alex Smith, who is trying to get used to another offensive system and a new No. 1 receiver.

Smith was brought back on a one-year deal because Harbaugh liked what he saw from him when the two worked out together, but the offensive line has to give him time if he wants to have success.

Frank Gore, who is the best playmaker on the team, will not have any holes to run through. If he makes it through eight games without suffering an injury I will be shocked. He has always had success running behind bad offensive lines, but this year things will be even more difficult because this line is a disaster.

Defensively, Patrick Willis is the best linebacker in football, but he can't make up for the other 10 guys on his own. Losing Aubrayo Franklin was big for the defensive line because he played the nose tackle in the 3-4 defense and played it well.

Carlos Rogers is a capable cornerback, but the 49ers need him to be a No. 1 and guard guys like Larry Fitzgerald and Sidney Rice.

This team is doomed to fail this year. Alex Smith will not be brought back, which is music to 49ers' fans ears, and they will have the top pick in the 2012 NFL draft, which is good because Andrew Luck will likely be coming out of school.

Harbaugh has big dreams for this franchise, but he walked into a bad situation that does not seem to be getting better any time soon.